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Geographical divisions of Srikakulam district

Geographical divisions

Srikakulam district can be divided into two main distinct natural divisions. A portion of Srikakulam district is plain terrain with intense agriculture and another portion of the district is rocky and hilly terrain covered with forests. Some extent of Mahendragiri hills also covers Srikakulam district. Most of the forest area of the plain terrain has been damaged by intense agriculture. Kotthuru, Hiramandalam, Pathapatnam, Kalingadal reservoir and some other areas are still covered with dense forests.

Places of interest


* Surya Narayana Swamy Temple at Arasavalli,
* Sri Kurmanadha Swamy Temple at Sri Kurmam,
* Venu Gopala Swamy Temple at Salihundam,
* Konnamma Temple at Korni,
* Santoshi Matha Temple at Srikakulam,
* Shiva Temple at Ravivalasa,
* Shiva Temple of Vajrahasta era at Srimukhalingam,
* Neelamani Ammavaru Temple at Pathapatnam,
* Kottamma Talli Temple at Kotabommali,
* Kotadurga Temple at Palakonda,
* Venkateswara Temple at Gujarathipeta,
* Ayyappaswamy Temple at Adivarampeta,
* Kotisvaraswami Temple at Gudiveedhi,
* Venkateswara Temple at Murapaka,
* Ganesh Temple at Sancham,

Buddhist tourist places:

* Salihundam,
* Danthavarapukota,
* Jagatimetta
* nagarjuna sagar
* amaravathi


* Kalingapatnam(Beach),
* Telineelapuram bird sanctuary where birds from Russia and Siberia stay in winter.
* Kaviti,
* Baruva,
* Sangam,
* Ponduru,
* Korasavada,
* Mandasa.

Srikakulam is located 100 km north of Visakhapatnam. It has a population of 2,537,593 of which 10.98% is urban as of 2001.

Srikakulam district has the longest coast line about 193 km in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is bordered by Orissa on the north, Vizianagaram district on the west and south , Bay of Bengal on the east.

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