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Amudalavalasa Mandal

Location of Amadalavalasa :
Country =India.
State = Andhra Pradesh.
District(s) = Srikakulam.
Population=37,852 (2001).
Density = 1,926 /km2 (4,988 /sq mi).
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30).
Area =19.65 km2 (8 sq mi) ,
Elevation =• 29 m (95 ft)
Codes =• Pincode • 532 185 ,• Telephone • +08942

Amadalavalasa or Amudalavalasa is a 3rd Grade Municipality and a Mandal headquarters in Srikakulam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 13 kilometers far from Srikakulam town. Amadalavalasa Municipal administration is under the jurisdiction of the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA).

'Srikakulam Road' railway station ( 'A' Class) is located at Amadalavalasa. Older name of this station is Chicacole Road, which have occurred since the 1930s. This station is one of the railway stations with highest revenue in Waltair division of East Coast Railway zone. City busses are available from railway station to Srikakulam RTC Complex and Old Bus Stand for every 5 minutes.


Amadalavalasa means 'the town of castor oil'. During the historic period, i.e. during the times of Ashoka, this place was called 'Herandapalli'. Heranda in Sanskrit means Castor oil. Ironically, now one can not find any castor oil plants being grown or castor oil being produced in this place. It was a Buddhist site. The Sangamayya Hill,3km from Amadalavalasa was actually a Buddhist shrine where, a religious fare is being celebrated during Makara Sankranthi days now.
Danthapuri Reminants

Danthapuri is one of the historical place near Amadalavalasa. This village situated on the way from Amadalavalasa to Hiramandalam in India, 10km from Amadalavalasa. Ancient Buddha stupa are present in this place. It is believed to be a place of Buddha religion and a shiddhardas living place. It is an important archeological place, called Boudha Gynana dantha puri, where the archeological department found some bricks, pots, nabed wear, terracotta articles, bangles, beads, stone and iron articles. It is elevated in the BC 261 after Kalinga battle by Ashoka Chakravarthi. Kalinga rajas treated as capital of their region. The Boudha Gynana dantha collected and presented by Arhat Kheru Terudu to Brahmadatta Raja of Kalinga. Brahma Datta Kalinga Raja constructed a monument on Boudha Gyana Dahtha in this place so the place is called Danthapuri.

Amadalavalasa Municipality

Amadalavalasa is 3rd Municipality in Srikakulam district. There 23 wards as on 2005 Elections . Population is 37,852. Notified Slum areas are 31.
Detailed Results of 2005 municipal elections poll-date 24-09-2005.


* Party Name __________ Num. of wards Secured
* INC _________________ 14.
* TDP _________________ 09
* BJP _________________ Nil
* CPI _________________ Nil
* CPM _________________ Nil
* IND _________________ NIL


As of 2001 India census, Amadalavalasa had a population of 37,852. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Amadalavalasa has an average literacy rate of 65%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 58% of the males and 42% of females literate. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.
Amadalavalasa(Assembly Constituency)
see in the srikakulam political info


* There is a large scale sugar factory in Amadalavalasa, presently not working. And also some other industries like Jute, Oil etc are located at that town.

* There is Head post office at Amadalavalasa.

Villages & village panchayats

There are 39 villages in Amadalavalasa Mandal

  1. voosavanipeta
  2. garimella Kottavalasa
  3. koravam
  4. marriKottavalasa
  5. nimmatarlada
  6. vedullavalasa
  7. turakapeta
  8. tandemvalasa
  9. niliparti
  10. Chintalapeta
  11. bobbilipeta
  12. mandadi
  13. chellavalasa
  14. santaKottavalasa
  15. chinnaJonnavalasa
  16. munagavalasa
  17. sailada
  18. chittivalasa
  19. anandapuram
  20. ramachandrapuram
  21. ponnampeta
  22. peddaJonnavalasa
  23. srinivasacharyulapeta
  24. akuulapeta
  25. malluSastrulapeta
  26. hanumantupuram
  27. katyacharyulapeta
  28. korlakota
  29. kottavalasa
  30. togaram
  31. kalivaram
  32. belamam
  33. dusi
  34. totada
  35. akkivaram
  36. vanjangipeta ( Gattumudipeta )
  37. vanjangi
  38. kanugulavalasa
  39. sriramavalasa

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