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Government College (Men)Srikakulam

Name of the College-: Government College (Men), Srikakulam
Year of Estd.:1951
Name of the Principal : Sri Bammidi Polisu


Government College (Men),
Stadium Road,
Srikakulam Dist.,
Andhra Pradesh - 532 001.

Phone & Fax: 08942 - 222 383

The Government College, Srikakulam, the first and the foremost college in the district was established in 1951 vide G.O. Ms No. 1887 of the Madras Government it was granted affiliation by the Madras University as Arts college Grade II with the introduction of Intermediate courses in 1951 and latter upgraded to Government Degree College in 1954 with the introduction of Undergraduate courses.

The College celebrated its Silver jubilee function in 1978. As a land mark a Silver Jubilee Auditorium was constructed. The college possesses a spacious building for the general Hostel, well managed by the students themselves. The Central Library of the college is accommodated in the main building itself and enjoys the distinction of being the largest among three districts of Zone I.

On the northern bank of the river Nagavalli stands a palatial building with a hoary past, housing the Government College Srikakulam. The magnificent multi-pillared edifice symbolizes the magnitude of the dreams, hopes, aspirations and also the yearning and the awakening of the people of this region over the last 50 years for a meaningful and purposeful higher education and its fulfillment.

This College has the proud distinction of having been headed by a galaxy of renowned academicians as Principals, who have spared no efforts for the growth and development of this college. In its formative years they had laid a solid foundation preserving the good traditions of their predecessors. They had motivated their staff and students relentlessly in achieving high standards of this college.

The Roll of Honour of eminent principals includes - Sri Fazullah, Sri Damodar, Sri C. Subrahmanyam, Sri Habibullah, Sri Nadimullah, and Sri P. Rajamannar who contributed their mite and experience for the development of this college. The high educational standards and healthy practices established by them have been instrumental in the over all progress for the college and remained 'beacon lights' guiding generations of their successors. These legendary principals have enhanced the status and prestige of the institution in raising it to the heights of a Lead of Identified college of the district. Sri B. Polisu, Lecturer in Commerce an alumnus of this alma mater and the Full-Additional-Charge Principal has been striving relentlessly in preserving and continuing the legacy handed over to him by his predecessors.

Our college has the distinction of being the Alma mater of many distinguished personalities in various walks of life. Over the years it has contributed many an alumni, who have achieved excellence in their respective fields, occupied prestigious positions in their glorious careers, not only in India but also far and wide across the globe. To mention but a few:

Sri H.J. Dora, IPS, formerly the Director General of Police in the Government of Andhra Pradesh, currently Director General of Industrial Security Force (Govt. of India), G. Yathirajulu, the High Court Judge, Sri Allam Setty Krishna Rao (IRAS) Accountant General, Sri RKR Gonela, (IAS), Retired Commissioner of Land Revenue, Andhra Pradesh, Sri ESN Sarma, IAS, Director General, Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad, Sri T.S. Appa Rao, IAS, Principal Secretary (Finance) Govt. of A.P., Sri G. Appala Suryanarayana, former Minister and MLA., Sri T. Seetha Ram, Former Minister for State Excise, Andhra Pradesh, Sri Kala Venkata Rao, MP Rajya Sabha, General Secretary, Telugu Desam Party, Sri Ch. Syamala Rao, Former Minister of Andhra Pradesh are some of the eminent and illustrious products of the college.

Joining the list of the above mentioned there are numerous employees in State and Central Governments occupying responsible and coveted positions. A number of professors and Heads of department in many Universities have had their moorings in the corridors of this college. The 'alumni' of this college, whatever is their professional status proved themselves, as worthy sons of the soil by rendering invaluable services in their profession, business or politics.

I am one of this college student in Intermediate 1970-1972(two years)... Dr.seshagirirao -MBBS

Under Graduate Courses and PG Courses:

UG Courses

B.A. History, Economics, Politics (T.M.)
B.A. Telugu, Economics, Politics (T.M.)
B.A. Tourism, Geography, Philosophy (E.M.)
B.Com. (T.M.)
B.Com. (E.M.)
B.Sc. Maths, Physics, Chemistry (E.M.)
B.Sc. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry (E.M.)
B.Sc. Maths, Physics, Computer Science (E.M)
B.Sc. Maths, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry (E.M.)
B.Sc. Maths, Physics, Electronics (E.M.)
B.Sc. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry (T.M.)
B.Sc. Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology (E.M.)
B.Sc. Bio-Technology, Zoology, Chemistry (E.M.)

PG Courses

M.Sc. Chemistry
M.A. Telugu

Government College (Men) - Faculty

Name of the Faculty --- Designation--- Qualification

Sri B. Polisu --- Principal (F.A.C.)--- M.Com.
Sri K. Suryachandra Rao---Lecturer in English---M.A. ELF Training
Sri M.K.S.P. Kumar---Lecturer in English---M.A. ELF Training
Sri J. Subba Rao---Lecturer in Telugu---M.A., B.Ed.
Dr. K. Sita Ramachandra Murthy---Reader in Telugu---M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. PGDWMMT
Sri P.V. Ramana Reddy---Lecturer in Telugu---M.A., B.Ed.
Dr. T.S. Ramanujam---Reader in Sanskrit---M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Sri P. Hanumantha Rao---Lecturer in Hindi---M.A., M.Phil.
Sri S. Suri Babu---Lecturer in History---M.A. History & other 3 M.A.s, and B.Ed.
Kum S.C.V. Suseela---Lecturer in History---M.A., B.Ed.,
Sri M.S. Prakasa Rao---Lecturer in Economics---M.A., M.Phil.
Sri M. Dharma Rao---Lecturer in Politics---M.A.
Sri G. Latchanna---Lecturer in Philosophy---M.A.
Sri M. Narayana Rao---Lecturer in Commerce---M.Com., M.Phil., B.L.
Sri K. Baghavathi Rao---Lecturer in Commerce---M.Com.
Dr. Ch. Tirupathi Rao---Lecturer in Commerce---M.Com., B.L., PhD
Dr. K. Sreeramulu---Lecturer in Commerce---M.Com., Ph.D., B.L.
Sri S. Gurayya---Lecturer in Commerce---M.Com.
Sri R. Gopala Rao---Lecturer in Maths---M.Sc.
Sri P. Lachanna---Lecturer in Maths---M.Sc., B.Ed.
Sri R. Manjula---Lecturer in Physics---M.Sc., M.Phil., PGDCA
Sri M. Nirmala Rao---Lecturer in Physics---M.Sc., M.Phil.
Sri B. Seetha Rama Murthy---Lecturer in Physics---M.Sc., M.Phil.
Sri K. Laxminarayana---Lecturer in Physics---M.Sc.
Sri B.A. Narasimha Murthy---Lecturer in Chemistry---M.Sc.
Dr. T. Sivarao---Reader in Chemistry---M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Sri B. Sreeramulu---Lecturer in Chemistry---M.Sc., M.Phil.
Sri T. Kondala Rao---Lecturer in Chemistry---M.Sc., M.Phil.
Sri D. Satya Prasad---Lecturer in Chemistry---M.Sc.
Dr. G. Vayu Kumar---Lecturer in Chemistry---M.Sc., Ph.D.
Sri N.S.N. Swamy---Lecturer in Botany---M.Sc.
Sri S. Visweswara Rao---Lecturer in Botany---M.Sc.
Smt. V. Laxmi---Lecturer in Zoology---M.Sc.
Sri P. Krishna---Lecturer in Zoology---M.Sc., M.Phil.
Sri S. Rama Krishna---Lecturer in Zoology---M.Sc.
Sri K. Leela Mohana Rao---Lecturer in Lib. Science---M.A., B.L & I.Sc.
Sri Ch. V. Bhaskara Rao---Lecturer in Phy. Edn.---M.A., M.P.Ed.

Contract Faculty:

Sri R. Chandra Sekhar---Chemistry---M.Sc.
Sri K. Hemalatha---Chemistry---M.Sc.
Sri K. Appala Naidu---Botany---M.Sc.
Sri K. Srinivasa Yadav---Electronics---M.Sc.
Sri D. Lakshmi Naidu---Bio-Technology---M.Sc.
Sri R. Venkateswara Rao---Industrial Chemistry---M.Sc.
Sri V.S.V.S. Satyanarayana---Industrial Chemistry---M.Sc.
Sri P. Trinadha Rao---Computer Science---M.C.A.
Dr. Rajendra Tripathy---Oriya---M.A., Ph.D.

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