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Endala malleswara Swamy Temple at Ravivalasa (tekkali)

  • Rayavalasa Temple is situated in a village "Ravivalsa " in Tekkali Mandalam of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh state, India. Ravivalasa is famous for its Sri Endala Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple. There is a belief that people will get rid of their skin diseases like scabies, ring worm, impetigo and other fungal skin infections after seeing this god.

Ravivalasa Location :

  • Country= India
  • State= Andhra Pradesh
  • Population= 3,000
  • Time zone= IST (UTC+5:30)
  • Codes :
  • • Pincode • 532212
  • STD code--08945


In the Tretayuga on his return way, after Ravana death, to Ayodhya, Rama took rest on SUMANTHA hills of this forest area of Ravivalasa along with his army and followers. Sushenudu who was a divine doctor in the Rama followers felt happy and wondered on seeing the Medicinal plants and barks around in this forest but the people were unhealthy,and suffering . He wants to do something good to the people. He expressed his desire to stay on this hill and do TAPASSU for Lord Shiva. Rama granted permission and left for Ayodhya leaving Sushena here. Sushena worshipped Shiva years and years and used to serve the people around with the Medicinal plants. As he was not able to bear the separation of Rama, chanting Rama nama, he died on the Sumantha parvatham.

After some years, Rama sent Hunuma to inquire the whereabouts of SUSHENA. Hanuma(Anjaneya) came to Ravivalasa hills SUMANCHA and found skeleton/dead body of SUSHENA, thought that SUSHENA was died and buried the skeleton, put some jasmine flowers (Malle pulu), covered with deer skin, returned to Ayodhya and told every thing he done. Rama after hearing the sad news came to this SUMANCHA HILLS along with Sita, Laxmana, Hanuma. Hunma lifted the deer-skin to show the skeleton to Rama and Rama tried to insert his hands to uncover the buried body of Sushena under the Jasmine flowers, but found the body of Sushena converted to Shiva Linga on his contact in side heap of Malle-pulu (jasmine flowers), instead of body of the SUSHENA. All are astonished and shocked, took a bath in the near by pond and started worshiping the Shiva-linga. As they started doing the pooja the Linga began to grow till the end of the pooja. Air flowing down-warda the ling with breeze from the medicinal plants, giving good health to the people. As it is growing Rama was not built any temple there. The name from Jasmin = Malle, deer skin = Aajinamu, so a linga worshiped with MallePoolu and covered with deer skin = Mallekajina Swami and it was modified to MALLIKAJINA Swami. The pond Named as SEETHA KUNDAMU.

The history of the temple can be traced to the Mahabarata period. Legend has it that Pandavas while in exile visited this temple and met Markandeya Maharshi, who appraised them of the importance of the Ravivalasa shrine. Later, Arjuna did thapassu (worship) to this linga. Lord Shiva gave dharshan and asked about his desire. Arjuna requested Shiva to keep his name along with Lord name. Later on Mallikajina swamy became Mallikarjuna Swamy.

On Maha Sivaratri and Kartika Mondays, large gatherings of devotees worship this temple's deity.Tarla's family used to worship for over hundred years to this lord (vamsha parampara dharma karthalu) before it is taken over by the State Government's Endowments department. It is strongly believed that the lord will bless with people and fulfill all their desires, promote health and wealth in their lives and remove sins. Lord is worshipped by people from West Bengal, Orissa and coastal Andhra Pradesh.

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